Adult/Mature Communication

Impeccable Hygiene

Well Groomed

Respectful / Considerate / Safe

24hr Advance Booking Required

Willingness for screening

1. Please remember that you are spending Time with a special and unique individual; one who is here for you to relax, unwind and explore a world much different than your every day life.  Therefore, my rates are not negotiable. Please do not discuss or ask for discounts.  When meeting, please leave the donation on the table in plain view at the beginning of our time together.
2. Excellent personal hygiene is a must. I love gentlemen who take time to take care of themselves!
3. Please do not overstay your time. I do believe, when chemistry is great, that you may like to stay longer. If you are interested in staying beyond the time we originally scheduled, please ask me. If I am available to spend extra time with you, I will let you know. Also please be already prepared with an additional donation for the extra time.
4. I am not available for dates "off the clock" nor am I available to "hang out" during my free time.  Please do not make any request of this nature, as I stop communicating with people who do so, no matter how much I like them. Please do not overstep your boundaries. If you would like to share a meal or social drinks with me, please schedule a dinner or lunch date. Thanks.
5. Please try your best to be on time for your appointment. I do have other responsibilities after we meet, potentially. If you are running late, please call me. If you need to cancel our appointment, please do so as quickly as you can. Last minute cancellations are not appreciated!
6. For your privacy and discretion, I will never call or text you without you asking me to do so (or, you calling me first). I will never share your private information with other people. Upon successful screening, I delete all information, except for the basics we need to communicate further.
7. Most important of all... Respect, Kindness and Generosity are ALL things I appreciate, expect from giving, unselfish human beings.  We are ALL simple creatures - we like to be spoiled, adored, appreciated and, well, SPOILED.  It goes both ways!

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